Dance Team Preparation

Dance Team Preparation

If you are looking into auditioning for a middle school or high school dance team than this is the class for you! The one hour long session held on Tuesday evenings will prepare middle school and high school students for the dance team audition. The class will begin weekly with a warm up/technique for 30 minutes and choreography for 30 minutes.

Choreography will focus on hip hop, jazz, pom and kick to provide students a well rounded education for any school dance team. Students will have mock auditions the last class of each month where they will perform their routines and technique in front of a panel of judges. Each student will be given written comments an individual critic and progress report on what they need to focus and improve on for the next month’s classes.

Evening classes are available. (One hour class)

Official Training School of the McIntosh Chiefetts

Official Training School Of The competition dance team of McIntosh Highschool Chiefettes! [button link=”/mcintosh-highschool-chiefettes/” color=”default” target=”_self” size=”small” title=”>> Read More…”]>> Read More…[/button]

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