Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip Hop Dance Classes

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Hip-Hop is a fun, popular, and energetic style of street dancing with modes of popping, locking, breakin’ and stepping in precisely choreographed routines. Students will learn to focus on isolations of the body and learn to move in unique and unconventional ways. This aids students’ creativity in choreography for other genres of dance as well. Hip hop dancing is said to be the most misunderstood type of dance, probably because it started in the streets. At Carla’s Dance Factory, we use only age appropriate music with attention to text and message. Students learn the vocabulary of hip hop dance including, the kick ballchange, crip walk, walk it out, the salute, the slip and slide, and the basic concepts of pop and lock.

Additionally, we teach all variations of footwork including toprock, turtles, helicopter/coffee grinder, skyscraper,and flash kicks. This class doesn’t require any previous experience. Expect a terrific time in this exciting and energetic class.

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