Cheyney Smith has been dancing at Carla’s Dance Factory for sixteen years under the direction of Mrs. Carla. She joined the company at the studio at age eight and has been competing since. She was a part of the Senior Company at Carla’s Dance Factory for a number of years and has won numerous Platinum trophies at various competitions not only in group routines, but also solos, duets, and trios.

In high school, Cheyney was a member of the McIntosh Chiefette Dance team and was Captain her senior year. For three consecutive years of her membership, the Chiefettes earned a state title in both the high kick and pom division at the UDA Georgia Dance Team Championship. Also, during her membership, the Chiefettes ranked 7th in the nation at the UDA National Dance Team Championship in Orlando, Florida in the high kick division.

As a soloist, Cheyney was ranked first in the state of Georgia for 4 consecutive years at the Georgia Dance Team Championship and was given an award for best choreography for her solo at the University of Georgia dance invitational. Cheyney has not only been a part of dance programs, but has done choreography for other high school teams mainly in Alabama who have competed in both state and national competitions and has choreographed other solos for state competitions as well.