2018 Recital Information

2018 Recital Information

Recital Sunday, May 20th

Act I 1:00 PM and Act II 4:00 pm

Whitewater High School Auditorium

100 Wildcat Way, Fayetteville, GA 30215

It’s that time of year! RECITAL!!! We are looking forward to a terrific performance by all of our
students in the production “Applause”. Below is the information that you will need for dress rehearsal,
recital, DVD orders, recital rules, regulations and protocol. Please note that we are bound by all state
and federal regulations of school property. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and firearms are strictly
prohibited. It seems silly to say this, but with more than thirty years of experience I have seen just
about everything.

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Dress Rehearsals

Dress rehearsals will be held on Saturday, May 19th at Whitewater High School Auditorium. Your dress rehearsal schedule is attached here. To keep down confusion we rehearse by class in lieu of running the
actual show. Everyone should come dressed in their ballet costume with pink tights, and
hair in a low bun or low ponytail as instructed by your teacher. If you are unsure check with your
child’s teacher for further instruction. We run ballet, tap then jazz for combination classes. For the
adult classes come prepared for tap first. Hip hop students should be dressed in your costume.
Costumes-Please label all belongings. That includes hats, gloves, tights, tutus, bodices, skirts, etc.
It is best to bring costumes and shoes in a garment bag. Many classes bring garment rolling racks
and pop ups to organize their class for costume changes. If for any reason you leave something at
the dress rehearsal leave a message at the studio. We will pick up messages and let you know if we
found your item. This is where Room Mothers play an important part. Make sure that you have
your room mother’s phone number because we contact them first with any and all information about
lost and found etc. Find out if your room mother needs any help preparing for their stay in the
dressing room. All children are sequestered during the shows. This is really a safety issue. We have
to know where our students are at all times.
-Lighting tends to wash out the students on stage so we ask that you apply light face powder, blush,
brown eye shadow, mascara and rosy red lipstick. You will be glad that you did when you see the
students on stage and watch the DVD. Of course, be respectful of their age when making the decision
of how much to apply. Also, please wear just tights under your costumes. Panties are bulky and
tend to show underneath the costume. This is an industry standard.

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Recital Day

Attached is your recital day and time. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early. Only Room Mothers will
be allowed in the backstage area. There will be a designated drop off area for your child on recital
day. Parents will drop off their child with the drop off person and pick up their child at the end of the
show. There will be a sign in and sign out book at the entrance to the backstage dressing room area
located in the main lobby of the school. Walk down the sidewalk to the left of the auditorium and
follow the signs. Each show will last approximately 2 hours. Children may not leave until the end of
each show. Room Mothers will keep all children in their rooms until the end of the show. Water is
allowed in the dressing rooms for students and easy snacks that will not stain the costumes. For
smaller children coloring books and crayons are always fun. Some parents bring large blankets for the
children to gather on to eat, drink and color. Room mothers please bring a few garbage bags and
brooms to remove all trash from your dressing room area so the students in the next show will come
Once your child is secure in their dressing room, please sit down and enjoy the show. There will be
an intermission for concessions and bathroom breaks.


During the dress rehearsal you may take photos and make your own videos, but NO VIDEO CAMERAS
will be allowed inside the auditorium on recital day. Absolutely no videotaping on recital day.
This includes taking videos with your cellular devise. You may not post a video of Carla’s
Dance Factory performances on Facebook, Snap Chat or Instagram. We are a competition
studio and many of our dances are choreographed by industry professionals for a fee.
You may post on a private page only
. You may video during dress rehearsal only. Professional
videos may be ordered with the attached form. The show will be stopped and monitors will ask you to
leave for noncompliance with this rule. Videos are taped during our shows by Horizon Video-Rob
Roye and should be available for pick up no later than August 1 st . We always give a courtesy call to
your home when we receive them.

Recital Etiquette

Please remain seated and refrain from talking until the end of the show. It is distracting and
disrespectful to the performer on stage when people are walking around, talking, opening the doors
and leaving the auditorium. Please remember when you stand up, you are blocking
someone’s view and it may be their child who is on stage
. We have shortened our shows to
better accommodate the students in the dressing room area. The students have worked hard all year
and are looking forward putting on this show for you. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


Due to the increasing cost of auditorium rental from the FCBOE we are implementing
an admission to the show via tickets for $10/person (adult 18 years and older), Seniors
55yrs and older plus children 4-17yrs old $5/person. Children under 3 years of age are
free but must sit in the lap of an adult
. Each student will be given two free tickets to the show
for their family. Please let those you invite know that they must stay seated until the end of the show
and that they may not video the show. This year’s recital is going to be outstanding. All students are
given one free copy of the recital program book at dress rehearsal. Please bring this with you on the
day of the show. Additional books are available for $10.00. Students also receive a trophy and a
certificate the last week of classes.

Phone Messages

Office Hours are Monday – Friday from 4:00 – 7:00. There is an answering
machine, but no one is available during the mornings and weekends to answer your questions. If
you leave a message on Friday/Saturday/Sunday no one will answer your call until
Monday after 4:00pm
. Your calls are important so please call during scheduled hours. Phone
calls will be returned so leave a message on the machine but please note that all faculty
members will be at Whitewater High School from 8:00 AM until 9:30 PM on Saturday of
dress rehearsal
. Please make sure you know your rehearsal and recital days and times prior to
FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. If you leave anything at the auditorium during dress rehearsal please
return to the auditorium at the next scheduled time to pick up your item. We will post a copy of all
rehearsals and recitals on the front door just in case you lose this letter.


I need help from parents to monitor doors and the recital hallways. I also need
volunteers to work at the video table, and additional Dad’s to assist our designated “Prop Dads” to
help with set up, laying of the floor, and removal of all items from the auditorium once we are
finished. If you are interested please, see Carla or Erica at the front desk.

Note: All balances must be paid in full by Friday May 19 th (Note Students will not be
allowed to participate in the dress rehearsal or recital if your account has a balance. No

If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances, please speak with me directly.

Ok well that’s it! If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly.

Carla Gillespie Berry


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Classes in Act I -1:00 PM show, May 20 th At WHS

-Saturday 10:00 AM 3-5yr T/B (Taylor)
-Wednesday 5:00 PM 5-7 yr T/B/J (Janine)
-Thursday 5:15 PM 6-8 yr T/B/J (Kim)
-Tuesday 6:15 PM 3-4yr T/B (Carla)
-Monday 4:30 PM 3-4yr T/B (A’Leah)
-Thursday 4:30 PM 3-4yr T/B (A’Leah)
-Wednesday 5:00 PM 5-6 yr T/B (Carla)
-Wednesday 5:00 PM 4-5yr T/B (A’Leah)
-Tuesday 5:15 PM 4-5 yr T/B (Carla)
-Oxford Trails Academy (Carla)
-La Petite Academy (Carla)
-Elites (All Dances)
-Minis (All Dances)
-Senior II (some dances)
-Senior I (some dances)
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Classes in Act II -4:00 PM show, May 20 th WHS

-Thursday 5:15 PM Boy Tap (Omari)
-Tuesday 7:00 PM 8-10yr HH (Erica)
-Saturday 11:00 PM (Taylor)
-Kids R Kids Peachtree City (Aleah)
-Thursday 4:45 PM 6-8yr boys HH (Erica)
-Tuesday 5:30 PM 8-10yr T/B/J (Amadi)
-Heritage Christian Academy (Carla)
-Wednesday 6:30 PM Beg. Teen (Janine)
-Thursday 7:00 PM 8-10 yr Hip Hop (Erica)
-Thursdays 4:45 PM 8-10 Yr (Erica)
-Mondays 5:30 PM 5-7yr T/B (Amadi)
-Monday 6:30 PM 5-7yr HH (Amadi)
-Senior I (some)
-Junior I (All Dances)
-Junior II (All Dances)
-Teen (All Dances)
-Senior II (Some)