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CDF COVID Response Info

In times of uncertainty, we have to find ways at CDF to keep our students (our kids) challenged and moving forward with their dance education. As a teacher, that’s always the goal. How this is achieved doesn’t matter. It can be in the classroom, via videos, going to conventions, or dancing in the parking lot.

When I was at Emory, the only room with a large mirror and a wooden floor was in the ladies’ bathroom in the student center. Fran Eubanks and I did some amazing choreography there for the AdHoc Theatre group in a 5×6 space. It’s about attitude, determination, and a passion for dance. Where doesn’t really matter. It’s quite frankly, irrelevant.

This time of quarantine and school closures has forced us to think outside of the box for classes. The traditional classroom setting is just not available if we truly want to be safe and stay healthy. COVID-19 is very real, but today we live in a world of social media, FaceTime calls, Facebook Live, Instagram, Skype, and a plethora of avenues to communicate. This makes it possible for us to provide our students with the opportunity to take virtual classes from our faculty and dance masters from all over the United States. Some of the classes we share are free via Facebook and Instagram Lives, some we will purchase, and some will be created, in-house, by faculty and alumni. The best part? All of the classes are available to each student to watch and participate in regardless of age or ability.

Carla’s Dance Factory is 38 years strong for many reasons:
1. I am not a quitter, I don’t give up easily, and I see possibilities at all crossroads. I want solutions not problems.
2. My faculty has evolved into a cohesive unit that functions as one.
3. We are a team, each with our own strengths that complement each other in the most amazing ways.
4. We are not afraid to expose our students to teachers and choreographers that teach differently than us, have different styles from what we teach, and are used to but, can improve the students and the studio as a whole.

This is the key to success. This makes us ALL better!

There is always something new to learn.
There is always someone better than you, but it doesn’t matter. Compete with yourself and rise to the occasion.

For about a day, I was worried. Then I looked in the mirror and reminded myself of where we began and where we are now. Carla’s Dance Factory is special, we are different, and we are the BEST gig in town.

We are NOT going anywhere and certainly not closing our doors! So feel free to invite your friends to be a part.

I urge you to embrace this time of change and take the challenge. I promise you that we will be better and stronger for it. So don’t worry, there is more to come AND just so you know that I’m 100% committed to this, I ordered a new pair of Miller-Ben tap shoes today. ❤️

Love to all,

Please keep up with us on Social Media for updates on CDF and how we are navigating our new normal.

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