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CDF News and Events

Your CDF family is waiting for YOU!

This is our Live Schedule! Just click on the “Register” or “Drop-In Dates” button next to the class you would like to sign up for.  This will take you to your parent log in page.  If you are new to Carla’s Dance Factory, you will need to create an account to complete your registration. 

Our Masterclasses are open to the public until the end of the season. 

Currently our registration is closed for our Recital season (August-May). 

Our Non-Recital season (Jan-May) will be opening up in December so please check back at that time for the schedule.

Attire for Recreation Classes:
  • Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Acro/Contemporary:
    • Girls: Any colored leotard with pink, tan, or skin toned footed or convertible dance (especially for Acro and/or older classes so they can dance barefoot if needed) tights.
    • Boys: Any color T-Shirt and black dance/athletic pants or shorts.
  • Hip Hop:
    • Girls and Boys: Comfortable clothing they can dance in.
  • Dance Team Prep: 
    • Girls and Boys: Comfortable clothing you can dance in.

Hair should be pulled back off of the face for all classes.

  • Ballet:
    • Girls: Pink leather ballet slippers.
    • Boys: Black leather ballet slippers.
  • Tap:
    • Girls: 5 and under Black Patten tap shoes. 6 and older Mary Jane buckle tap shoes.
    • Boys: Any black tie tap shoe.
  • Jazz:
    • Girls and Boys: Tan or skin toned shoes, any brand.
  • Hip Hop:
    • Girls and Boys: Tennis shoes.
  • Contemporary:
    • Primarily barefoot.  Jazz shoes can be worn for turns.
  • Dance Team Prep:
    • Girls and Boys: Pirouette shoes for turns.